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Cold Outreach Kick Start

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Does even the idea of cold outreach to find clients make you break into a sweat? Cold Outreach Kick Start teaches you how to do cold outreach via email and LinkedIn that’s productive, not pushy using the same strategies I used to increase my agency revenue by 40% in a single year.

Here's what this workshop covers:
  • How to do cold outreach in a way that’s helpful, not pushy or sleazy.
  • The cold outreach strategies you can use to get access to clients you wouldn’t reach otherwise (and how to find them) including scripts you can take and tweak.
  • Tracking your efforts to refine and streamline the cold outreach, with a copy of my metrics and contract tracker.

    Here's What You'll Get

    ★ On-demand video workshop (captioned).

    ★ Workbook to guide you through creating your cold outreach process.

    ★ Cold outreach tracker and video walkthrough so you can measure your results. Bonus LinkedIn Sales Navigator video walk through.

    ★ Transcripts and audio version so you can consume the workshop however it works for you.