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Pitch Perfect Proposals

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No one, and I mean no one, likes writing proposals. But what if you had a proven process to create a proposal that meant you consistently heard enthusiastic YESes from potential clients?

It is possible. That's exactly what Pitch Perfect Proposals is all about.

Here's what this workshop covers: 

  • Discover what most proposals are missing and why you’ll never waste hours writing another proposal again.
  • My must-haves in every single proposal that you're probably overlooking. 
  • The method for getting a yes from clients in minutes instead of months.

    Here's What You'll Get

    ★ On-demand video workshop (captioned).

    ★ Workbook to guide you through creating pitch perfect proposals.

    ★ Transcripts and audio version so you can consume the workshop however it works for you.

    • “I recently had the opportunity to submit a proposal for a retainer client who I wanted to land, and I knew I needed help to ensure I got a yes from them.

      Using the Pitch Perfect Proposals training, I had exactly what I needed to nail my proposal and it saved me so much time! It was my first proposal, and I landed the contract.

      Plus, I now have a template to work from and I’m confident in my ability to create a proposal in the fraction of the time it would take me otherwise.”

      Jennifer Van Gennip
      Advocacy and Communications Strategist