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Ready for Referrals

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As a service business owner referrals probably are the number one way you get clients. But let me guess, you’re waiting for people to refer you! It’s time to get ready for referrals and go from passive to proactive so you get more referrals every single month. Ready for Referrals shares the strategies I’ve used for 15+ years to foster relationships and ask for referrals that are trusted, not tacky.

Here's what this workshop covers: 

  • Why getting proactive with your referrals can be a game-changer, and who you should be asking for referrals.
  • The referrals strategies you can use to ask without breaking a sweat, including my proven asking for referrals script.
  • Measuring the impact of referrals on your overall revenue, and keeping track of your touchpoints with the referrals tracker.

      Here's What You'll Get

      ★ On-demand video workshop (captioned).

      ★ Workbook to guide you through creating your referral process.

      ★ Lead tracker and video walk through to help you document and measure the impact of your referrals.

      ★ Transcripts and audio version so you can consume the workshop however it works for you.